Notes for visitors referred from

“Scalextric Cars and equipment, past and present”
(5th edition) by Roger Gillham


Apart from the Pajero, the sts and TT cars photographed for Roger’s book were from my collection. On page 6 he was kind enough to acknowledge this help but unfortunately, my surname was mis-spelt (it happens). It should be spelt Zivanovic.

On page 175 of the book, this site is listed as offering more details on “Spanish STS and TT models”. There is plenty of information about sts (click here for “The Anoraks’ Guide to sts”) but I’m afraid there is nothing about TT. At least, there wasn’t until I received some very interesting news about the 7305 “Panansonic” Nissan Patrol recently (click here).

The colour balance in the photographs on pages 138-141 seem to have gone a little awry during the printing process. In particular, blues have shifted towards purple and yellows have a slightly green cast. With the permission of the photographer, John Colley, I have reproduced these photographs here in the hope that those who do not know the cars will get a better view of their actual colours. (Please see below for links to these photos.) However, as is always the case, the hues you will see on your computer screen will depend very much on its set up. For example, in the case of the photograph of the Land Rovers on page 140, the book shows the rear (left) car’s colour purple more accurately than its image appears on my computer screen. Conversely, the front (right) car appears a paler purple in the book but my screen shows it correctly as blue.

Finally, I must echo Roger’s comment about the photo of the Nissan Patrol in action on page 141 being “… not staged!” That car really was not supported and, in fact, the car’s speed made it a very difficult photograph to take. The image here shows a little more background than that in the book. I think this gives a better impression of the car in flight.


p138      sts Set 2014 and set boxes
sts Jeeps and ramp jump
sts Mercedes and see-saw
sts Nissans and mountain
sts Pinzgauers and chicane

p139      sts Land Rovers and elevated track
sts Peugeots and centre obstacle

p140      sts Land Rovers and ford obstacle
sts Nissans and suspension bridge
TT Buggies and elevated track
TT Peugeots and bridge
TT Nissans and ramp jump

p141      TT Nissan in flight