My current sales on eBay

This page was last updated on 12th November 2001


At the moment, I have the following sales running on eBay. They are

scheduled to end on the evening of Sunday 18th November (UK time)

although some have used “Buy it now” so may end earlier.


Please click here to be taken to my auctions on eBay.co.uk


Please click on the reference number to see a photo


Scalextric C2316 TVR yellow Belgium SOLD

Scalextric C283 Rover V8 “Triplex

Scalextric C561/562 NSCC Rover V8 pair SOLD

Scalextric C2069 Lamborghini Diablo gold Range 1988 LE

Scalextric C2118 Subaru Impreza WRC blue SE

Scalextric C2129 Subaru Impreza WRC silver LE

Scalextric C2130 Toyota Corolla WRC gold LE

Scalextric C2140 Subaru Impreza WRC burgundy LE

Scalextric C2160 Toyota  Corolla WRC silver LE

Scalextric C2211 Caterham yellow “K” ex set SOLD

Scalextric C2212 Caterham blue “R” ex set SOLD

Scalextric 15th edition Catalogue 1974

SCX (Scalextric) 8321 Bugatti EB110 pearl

SCX (Scalextric) 8334 Peugeot 406 green/gold “Esso” SRS2

SCX Scalextric 8396 Audi 90 silver “Dunlop”

Fly (not Scalextric) E42 Joest Porsche orange LE SOLD

Fly (not Scalextric) E81 Viper Salon de Madrid LE

Ninco (not Scalextric) VW Golf “Infancia” LE

Corgi 00502 Ford Zephyr “Z Cars”

Corgi AA32401 Harrier GR3 XZ997 “Falklands”