The Anoraks’ Guide to sts 4x4


If you are new to sts, have a look at the first section “What is sts?” I have written it to give a short introduction to the system and explain its appeal. Subsequent sections are more comprehensive and go into more detail.


If you know what you want to look at, it can be accessed directly from this contents page. Appendix 2 lists the illustrations used throughout the guide and contains links to them. I hope you find the guide as interesting to read as I found it to write.


This guide has been and will continue to be updated as new information comes to light. In case you have seen the guide before but would like to check out what has changed since you last saw it, I have prepared a chronology of changes to help you. This will appear as a separate window so you can keep it open whilst referring to the main text of the guide.


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      Car types

            2200     Jeep CJ-5

            2201     Mercedes 280GE

            2202     Trailer

            2203     Nissan Patrol

            2204     Pinzgauer

            2205     Land Rover

            2206     Peugeot 205 T16
      Car spares & accessories



            2100     Transformer TR5

            2125     Lap Counter

            2150     Standard Straight

            2151     Half Straight

            2152     Reverse Straight pair

            2153     Standard 90º Curve

            2154     Concave and Convex track

            2155     Rough Terrain Straight

            2156     Exterior 45º Curve

            2157     Flexible Track

            2158     Chicane

            2300     Controller

            2301     Ford Crossing

            2302     Various Obstacles

            2303     Track Borders

            2304     Barrier with supports

            2305     Marker Stones (Mojones)

      Track Supports
                 2306        Support (Small)
                 2307        Support (Large)
                 2308        Support (Inclined)

            2309     Centre Obstacle

            2310     Ramp Jump

            2311     Elevated Track (Rope Bridge)

            2312     Suspension Bridge

            2313     Chicane (Mountain pass)

            2314     See-saw Obstacle

                 2600        Mountain medium
                 2601        Mountain large
                 2602        Mountains green (3)



      Common Items

      Set Details

            2005     Mercedes

            2006     Jeeps

            2007     Mercedes

            2008     Peugeots

            2009     Land Rovers

            2010     Jeeps

            2011     Jeep & Nissan Patrol

            2014     Land Rovers

            2015     Nissan Patrols

            2016     Mercedes & Peugeot

            2020     Jeeps

            2025     Mercedes

            2028     Pinzgauers

            2030     Jeeps







      1   Product references in catalogues and original prices in Pesetas

      2   Index of illustrations